Zorba the Greek

Synopsis: Basil, a young English writer of Greek ancestry, meets an older, free-spirited Greek peasant named Zorba on the island of Crete. While Zorba pursues a relationship with Madame Hortense, an aging French courtesan, the inhibited Basil summons up the courage to court a young widow. When Hortense comes down with pneumonia, the impoverished locals descend upon her like vultures, as she lies dying in Zorba's arms. Later, Basil inherits a mine, and he and Zorba plan to reopen it and use their earnings to help alleviate some of the area's poverty. After catastrophy Alexis and Basil are dancing on the beach famous "syrtaki" composed by Mikis Theodorakis. Poetry nothing else like pure poetry... 

                                 Oscar Prizes:
1964 Won Best Supporting Actress - Lila Kedrova 
1964 Won Best Black-and-White Cinematography -
Walter Lassally 
1964 Won
Best Art Direction - Set Decoration 
1964 Nominated Best Director -
Michael Cacoyannis 
1964 Nominated Best Screenplay based on material from another medium -
Michael Cacoyannis 

1964 Nominated Best Picture 

Distributor: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Fusion Video, Movies Unlimited.