Political system of Greece  

Political system of Greece - Parliament Democration are founded and described in Constitution Act from 1975 (changes in 1986).
Administative authority  - the  Gouvernament is leading by Prime Minister (Costas Simitis from PASOK). The Gouvernament are  constructed by victorious party or coalition. The Gouvernament can be overthrown by vote of no confidence, voting by Parliament. 

The position of head of the State - The President
(Costas Stefanopulos) - is limited to ceromonial  and diplomatic affairs. The President is electing for 5 year term of office.

Legislative authority -  single chamber Parliament  - (
Vouli ton Ellinon) - is electing in general elections for 4 year term of office. There are 300 members of Greek Parliament.  Parliament elections take place in 51 multi mandatary districts and 5 single mandatary.

Results of 2000 year elections:

Nazwa Partii Politycznej abberviation % of votes seats
Panellino Socijalistiko Kinima
(Pan-Hellenistic Movement)
PASOK 43,79 158
Nea Dimokratia
(New Democra
ND 42,73 125
Kommounistiko Komma Ellados
(Communist Party of Greece)
KKE 5.53 11
Sinaspismos tis Aristeras ke it Proodu
(Left Coalition for Development)
SIN 5.1 10

Jurisdiction Authority is independent and is divided on Courts of Justice:

- criminal,
- civil law,
- administative.

Judges are nominated by President, The nominations are voted by special, independent authority - Justice Council.Political csene of Greece ise dominated by two main parties Pan-Hellenistic Movement (Panhellinion Socialistiko Kinima - PASOK) - leader Constantinos (Costas) Simitis and  New Democracy (Nea Demokratia - ND) - leader Constantinos Karamanlis. Another politicial parties in Greece are: Communist Party of Greece (Kommounistiko Komma Ellados - KKE) - leader Aleka Papariga, Left Coalition for Development (Sinaspismos tis Aristeras ke it Proodu) - leader Nikolaos  Costandopoulos, Democratic Social Movement (DIKKI) - leader Dimitros Tsolovas, Political Spring - leader Andonis Samaras, Rainbow Coalition - Pavlos Voskopoulos.