Spiros Metaxas

Metaxa is distinguished as the most famous Greek spirit worldwide. It is misled as a brandy but in actual fact is something more. Metaxa was invented by a silk trader named Spyros Metaxas. In 1882 he built in the city Chyphisia a distillation's factory which began to produce spiritious drinks of high quality, since 1888 exported in other countries. Metaxa is produced from red grapes of Savatiano, Sultanina and Black Corinthand twice distilled and then aged in hand made limousine oak casks  from 3 to 15 years. After that the metaxa of 60 degrees is mixed with a special kind of muscat wine from Samos & Lemnos, blended with a secret botanical mix (anise), rose-petals. The last step - the keeping in oak tuns which is not less 6 months at the temperature 6 minus. After the filtration the drink is bottled. 

In world market, Metaxa is generally available in th versions: Three Star, Five Star, and Seven Star. Each star represents a year that it's been aged in oak barrels, thus the Seven Star is the most aged and selected type. Metaxa Private Reserve is at least 20 years old.

3 stars 5 stars 7 stars - Amphora

Grand Olympian Reserve


There is no difference in terms of quality and production process between the different Metaxa products. As in every family, age is the only uncommon characteristic.

In Metaxa family the youngest is the 3* and the oldest vintage is the Private Reserve. A few of them are: Metaxa Centenary, Metaxa Rhodes, Metaxa Golden Reserve, Metaxa Grand Olympian Reserve, and Metaxa Golden Age
It is worth to point out that other Metaxa products considered as collector items are sold only at selected shops throughout the world, including Greece.

Warrior from Salamin trademark of Metaxa

40 letnia Private Reserve

Centenary Private Reserve

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