Facts about Greece

I want to devote this page to some general information about Greece (and to include some details as well :-). I would like to update it as often as possible and to expand the range of topics. Please fell free to send me your comments and materials that I could use on my website.


Tourism & Sport

   Other facts 

2000 elections results
Greek administation
President of Greece
Greek Government
National holidays
The Constitution
Political system
Greek in focus
Greek Army
Some facts
Greek flag

Olimpic's Medalists from Greece
How can we get to the Athens airport
New Athens airport
What tourists must to know
Polish addresses in Greece
Alert phones numbers
Serpents of Cyclades
Greek highways
Athens subway
Greek maps

Drachmas - old greek currency
Geography of Greece
Demographical data
Social assecurance
Economy of Greece
Greek banknotes (old)
Greek coins (old)
Currency converter
Greek prices



Olimpic's Medalists from Greece
New dialing codes
Live cameras
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