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The scope of information hiding behind the title of this chapter is so vast that even in my drams I cannot imagine how to cover it. That's why there is just some information about Greek Culture and Religion. Perhaps it is not sorted out properly, but I hope you will find it interesting.

Culture Festivals in Greece

Greek Song Festival

History of Greek language

  "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

Mini Dictionary (pol -gre)

Nikos Kazantzakis

"Zorba the Greek"

Anthem of Greece


Alfa and beta

Great holiday od August the 15th

Christmas in Greece

Agia Nichta mas prosmeni

Easter in Greece

    Photographers of Greece 

Tavli - greek lovely play

Gallery of Holy Icons





Gallery of XIX century paintings

Greek painters of XIX century

Gallery of graphics and gifs

"Cloudy Sunday"

"Capitan Corelli"

Secret of basil herb

Greek Cousine

Greek wines

Greek beer


Note: Most of links lead to pages in Polish language