Greek Calendar

Here there are list of "name-days" - days dedicated to  Saints of Orthodox Church.
The 6-th of June is the "name-day" dedicated to all these Saints who have no own "name-day" in Greek calendar.         

Date "Name-day" Date "Name-day"
1st of January Vassilis and Vassiliki 29th of June Petros and Pavlos
6th of January Fotis and Fotini 30th of June Apostolis
7th of January Prodromos and Ioannis 7th of July Kiriakis and Kiriaki
17th of January Antonis 8th of July Prokiopis
18th of January Athanasis 17th of July Marina
20th of January Efthimi 20th of July Ilios
22th of January Timotheos 26th of July Paraskevi and Vivi
25th of January Grigoris 15th of August Panajotis, Panos, Panagiota, Giota, Maria and Marios
10th of February Haralambos 26th of November Dimitiris, Dimitra and Demi
27th of February Theodoros and Theodora 8th of October Michaelis and Gabriel
25th of March Theotokos 25th of October Ekaterini and Katerina
4th of April Vaios and Vaia 30th of October Andreas
11th of April Sotiris 4th of December Barbara
18th of April Thomas and Thomai 6th of December Nikolaos and Nikos
23rd of April Georgios and Georgia 15th of December Eleftheria
21st of May Constantinos, Costas, Constantina and Eleni 25th of December Christmas, name-day of Christos, Christina i Chrisoula
6th of June All Saints Day
 (Ton Agion Panton)
27th of December Stefanos